Senin, 01 September 2008

foto-foto aneh WL..

i want to give you, one wallpaper.
this wallpaper is made by me, it's all about Mark Feehily ..

and then, this is a fake film's poster from our babes, Westlife. Hahah. Lol

this is a little part of my collection.
I'm just wanna make Westlife comeback to international music like in the past.
A big proud from me to Westlife. They can shake the world with their talent ,award, and friendship. And a lot of thanks for me to
Westlife because they always give me and a lot of pepople in the world by the happines to hear their lead singer's amazing voice, Shane and Mark and also the sweet melody from Kian and Nicky.
i hope this love will be forever.
luph you all, Mark, Kian, Nicky, Shane, And Bryan.
so much loves, hugs and kisses
Mrs. Feegan

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